Focal Energy

Advisory Board

Ran Shahor

Ran Shahor, Chairman of the Advisory Board

Ran Shahor is the Chairman and co-founder of Focal Energy. With significant general management and leadership experience, Mr. Shahor has demonstrated operational excellence and top-notch execution in multiple environments.

From 2002 until 2006, Mr. Shahor was the Managing Partner of Star Ventures, a $1 billion global venture capital group based in Texas, Germany and Tel Aviv. In that capacity, Mr. Shahor was responsible for the Fund's global investment activity. He served as a board member in Azimuth Technologies and Maayan Ventures (TASE), Unity (NASDAQ) and number of private owned companies.   

Prior to joining Star Ventures, Mr. Shahor had a long and decorated career with the Israeli Defense Forces. He was the Commander of the IDF's top Special Forces Unit, as a Brigadier General he was in charge of much of the IDF's intelligence apparatus, including variety of technology units and Special Forces. Mr. Shahor also served as the acting Military Secretary of the Israeli Defense Minister.

Mr. Shahor has a Law Degree and a Master Degree in Business Administration from Tel Aviv University.

David Federmann

David Federmann, Board Member

David Federmann is a Board Member in Focal Energy, representing the Federmann group.  

Since 2000, Mr. Federmann has served in various management capacities in the Federmann group. He currently serves as chairman of Freiberger Compound Materials GmbH in Freiberg, Germany and on the board of Directors of Elbit systems, Dan Hotels and BGN Technologies (the Technology Transfer Company of Ben-Gurion University). Mr. Federmann holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and philosophy from New York University.

Noam Ben-Ozer

Noam Ben-Ozer, Board Member

Noam Ben-Ozer is the CEO and co-founder of Focal Energy. Mr. Ben-Ozer has extensive  experience in general management, business development, financing, M&A and deal structuring.

Mr. Ben-Ozer is the founder and proprietor of Focal Advisory, a strategic and finance-related advisory firm in Boston that advises large financial and energy-sector institutions. Prior to founding Focal Advisory, he founded and served as CEO of iPhrase Technologies, a Boston-based high-tech firm . iPhrase reached multi-million dollar revenue before being sold to IBM in 2005.

Prior to iPhrase, Mr. Ben-Ozer was with Bain & Co in Boston, where he led numerous multinational consulting projects and was also a Manager in Bain's Private Equity Practice, an M&A advisory group. Earlier in his career, Mr. Ben-Ozer was a CPA with the Israeli affiliate of KPMG. He also serves as a Director on the Boards of two public companies - of Equity One, a multi-billion real estate investment trust in the Southeastern US, and Atrium European Real Estate, the leading shopping center operator in Eastern Europe.

Mr. Ben-Ozer has a BA in accounting and economics from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Eytan M. Stibbe

Eytan M. Stibbe, Board Member

Eytan M. Stibbe is a Board Member in Focal Energy, representing Vital Capital Fund.

Mr. Stibbe, the Founding Director of Vital Capital Fund, has been involved in investment in Africa for the past 26 years. Mr. Stibbe studied Mathematics & Computer Science at Bar Ilan University and completed his Masters in Business Administration at the European University, Belgium.

Among his many professional accomplishments, Mr. Stibbe has worked extensively in initiating business and financing ventures worldwide, primarily in developing countries, including many countries in Africa. His vision and leadership have provided for the initiation, implementation and successful completion of high-profile projects and financings throughout this region, with the consistent characteristic being the alignment of tangible humanitarian objectives alongside financial and business interests.

Consequently, Mr. Stibbe’s successes in this regard have become a hallmark of his involvement in any project, financing and investment in which he has been involved and has resulted in real and marked improvements in the quality of life for tens of thousands of people. Mr. Stibbe is one of the founders and is a board member of the Center for African Studies at Ben-Gurion University.

Zeev Binman

Zeev Binman, Board Member

Zeev Binman is a General Partner and the Chief Financial Officer of Pitango.

Prior to joining Pitango, Zeev served as Vice President of Finance and Organization at PazGas, the leading Israeli energy company. He also held a similar position at Fibronics International, USA, a leading fiber-optic communication company.
Early in his career, he served as referent for the defense industries in the Budget Department of the Israel Ministry of Finance.

Zeev served on the board of Optonol, acquired by Alcon (NYSE: ACL), superDimension , acquired by Covidien (NYSE: COV) and fring , acquired by Genband. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of a number of companies, including Surf Communication Solutions and Proneuron..

He holds a B.A. in Economics and an M.B.A., specializing in Finance, from Tel Aviv University.